Making a decision about counselling…

It is difficult to say exactly how many sessions of counselling you may find beneficial to you; however, many people find that short term counselling (approximately 10- 15 sessions) gives time to focus on what may be going on for you.

You may also be aware that the issue bothering you has been around for some time and potentially presented itself in different situations over a period of several years, sometimes since childhood. In this instance you may realise that longer term work is beneficial and would give more time explore some of the experiences you have had.

I will talk this through with you when we meet.

Whatever option you choose, making a commitment to attending sessions regularly over a period of time is important:

    • It may take a little time to settle into counselling and the routine of attending
    • It may take a while to feel able to talk about what is bothering you, particularly if talking about this is something quite new and different for you or you have learnt successfully to avoid it
    • Counselling is often seen as a process and this can be painful at times, avoiding uncomfortable feelings is a fairly normal approach in life. In counselling we will look at ways of acknowledging feelings rather than avoiding them, so sticking with the discomfort is part of creating a new set of behaviours
    • You may have spent a while making a decision about seeing a counsellor so once you have made that choice, really value the time you are to spend on you. Counselling is unlike other relationships in that it is about you and your needs
    • Value your appointments by allowing yourself time. Time to attend, time to talk freely and time to reflect or focus on your feelings in-between sessions. Allow yourself some space in what may feel like a hectic daily schedule
    • You may already know that you struggle to commit to anything, but instead you dip in and out of relationships, never giving anything or anyone a real chance to get to know you. Talk to me about this, it may well be time to change and do things differently

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