I have been in practice for over 20 years, my counselling approach is humanistic integrative, which reflects my belief that each person is unique and that given the right conditions has the potential to grow and move forward in their own way. I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which individuals can share and explore present and past experiences, express thoughts and feelings and gain personal awareness.

My approach, or way of working, is based around the belief that our development as children, in particular our early relationships help shape us as adults. It is through these early relationships that we form our beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and others. Often, through counselling, we discover these beliefs to be false. Learning to challenge our thoughts can have a positive impact on our feelings and our behaviours.

How counselling may help you:

Counselling can offer an opportunity to make sense of the complex emotions impacting on your day to day life. It can enable you to share experiences that others struggle to hear or don’t realise are still worrying you. It can help you to understand yourself better and find self acceptance.

When our physical health suffers we have an understandable emotional reaction. How we feel physically does have an effect on emotional wellbeing and our attitude to life and the demands it brings. Our normal coping strategies may no longer work for us and instead mood and behaviours may change. Relationships can suffer as a result of the changes and adjustments being made; both practical and emotional.

Loss and change can be challenging as we struggle with the loss of the familiar and don’t want the new set up and life style we are presented with. Even changes we have chosen can provide a roller coaster of excitement and disappointment as we balance the gains and losses. It takes time to adapt, sometimes longer than we expect.

Counselling can help you to take stock of your life and as it is now and look at your relationship with yourself and others. It can help you to review the experiences that have impacted on you and make sense of your feelings, which may be varied and conflicting.

Anxiety, worry and panic can have a major impact on day to day life and on others around you. Physical symptoms can feel quite frightening at times and seem to happen to you for no apparent reason. Friends and family may want to be supportive but simply not be able to understand what you are experiencing. In small amounts, stress can be tolerated and may be an excellent motivator. However, prolonged or intense stress levels can leave an individual feeling exhausted and unwell.

Counselling can help you to understand what contributes to anxiety and stress and promote psychologically healthier patterns of living.

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